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Endowment Opportunities

Endowment Opportunities

Endowed gifts are crucial to the UCLA Geriatrics Program. Gifts of endowments provide donors with a transformational charitable legacy. Donors who choose to establish an endowment understand the importance of supporting the Geriatric Program not only during their lifetime, but for future generations. An endowment gift provides the Division with current funding as well as long-term financial security that will serve future generations of faculty, researchers and patients. Endowments can be established by a current gift, a pledged gift or through a number of planned gift options. The following endowment opportunities, with the corresponding minimum gift amount, ensure the continued success of the #1 Geriatrics program in the country. Please consider the gift of an endowment and join us as we participate in the reimagining of medicine here at UCLA and the world over.

  • Endowed Lectureships in Geriatrics (without salary support) $250,000

    Endowed funds for lecturers in the field of Geriatrics facilitate the sharing and dissemination of Research and information among members of the medical community. Such funding can provide needed resources for travel, honoraria and guest lectureships locally, nationally and globally.

  • Faculty Excellence in Geriatrics $500,000

    An endowment to recognize faculty excellence in the field of Geriatric medicine could be awarded to a faculty member who exemplifies distinguished service or teaching. This type of endowment can be used to reward both distinguished senior faculty and promising junior faculty to pursue innovative teaching and research. These types of endowments sustain the work of many of the University’s best scholars and serve as an incentive to remain dedicated to the Geriatric program here at UCLA.

  • Professional Development Term Chair in Geriatrics $1 million

    The Term Chair gives the Division of Geriatrics the flexibility to recruit, retain and support the career development of exceptional younger faculty. A term Chair can also be awarded to department chairs and visiting professors for a renewable five-year period.

  • Postdoctoral Geriatrics Fellowships $1 million

    The Postdoctoral Geriatric fellowship endowments help fund post-graduate scholars’ research and living expenses, enabling the Division to attract promising academics and indirectly impact the University’s ability to recruit and retain top faculty and graduate students.

  • Geriatric Endowment Research Program $2 million

    A Geriatric Research Program would support focused research on a specific issue impacting the healthcare and well-being of the elderly population.

  • Endowed Chair for Geriatrics (without salary support) $2 million

    The Endowed Chair for Geriatrics (without salary support) is a special incentive to attract a scholar of distinction to the UCLA Division of Geriatrics or to retain gifted faculty members whose teaching and research exemplify UCLA’s mission. Endowment income provides support for research and teaching.

  • Endowed Chair for Geriatrics (with salary support) $5 million

    The Endowed Chair for Geriatrics (with salary support) will support a new faculty full time employee on a permanent basis. This Chair is a special incentive to recruit and/or retain gifted faculty members whose teaching and research exemplify the mission of the UCLA Division of Geriatrics and the David Geffen School of Medicine. Endowment income provides salary support and resources for research and teaching.

  • Geriatric Endowment Research Center $5 million

    An endowment to establish a Geriatric Research Center would provide the division with the ability to bring all science and clinical research efforts under one umbrella, unified in mission in the search for new discoveries that lead to better ways to treat diseases of aging and to maintain successful aging. A Geriatric Research Center would provide an infrastructure in which researchers could collaborate across disciplines, sharing resources and findings that drive innovation addressing critical concerns of the ever increasing aging population.

  • For more information regarding endowment gift opportunities, please contact:

    Brian Loew
    Director of Development
    UCLA Health Sciences
    (310) 794-7620