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UCLA Academic Geriatric Resource Center

AGRC Background

Since 1985, with funding from the California State Legislature, the Regents of the University of California has administered the Academic Geriatric Resource Program (AGRP) with centers at the six UC campuses that have health science schools. The mission of the AGRP includes the development of geriatrics and gerontology education and training in each of the six UC Health Sciences campuses; presentation of educational programs for the general public; maintaining a resource to lead and coordinate all efforts; and establishing clinical training sites as needed.

The mission of the UCLA Academic Geriatric Resource Center (AGRC) is to promote intra- and inter-disciplinary training in geriatrics and gerontology throughout the campus and community. The UCLA AGRC is directed by David B. Reuben, MD and managed by Anne C. Hu, MPH with administrative assistance from Lynn Bautista, MA. The AGRC Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from the geriatrics and gerontology programs at UCLA as well as a community representative.

AGRP Systemwide Advisory Committee Membership

At the state level, the Academic Geriatric Resource Program (AGRP) is funded through the University of California Office of President and administered by UCLA. An AGRP Systemwide Advisory Committee (SAC) functions in an advisory capacity on a wide range of policy, budget and administrative issues. The SAC includes representatives from each of the six UC health sciences campuses. Each campus has an Academic Coordinator and a Campus Planner.

Campus Academic Coordinator Campus Planner
Berkeley Guy Micco, MD Desi Owens, MS, MSW, LCSW
Davis Nancy Lane, MD Mark Robinson, MSW
Irvine Laura Mosqueda, MD Melinda McMillen
Los Angeles David Reuben, MD (Chair) Anne C. Hu, MPH
San Diego Ruth Covell, MD Linda Jones, MA
San Francisco C. Seth Landefeld Joan Abrams, MA, MPA